Voortman V808

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SOS Steel can fabricate and process jobs and have them sent directly to your construction site ready for fit up. Using the Voortman V808 Coping Machine, your job will come back to you exactly as required, guaranteed.

Advantages of the Voortman V808

  • Greater Consistency
  • Faster Cut Speeds
  • Pinpoint precision
  • Superior Finished Quality
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Maximum Effeciency

V808 | Features

4-side Cutting and Layout Marking

Being able to reach all four sides of a profile, without manual intervention, makes the V808M very suitable for layout marking and cutting square steel tubes.

Roller Feed Measuring System

The V808 coping system has the fastest measuring system available in the market–the Voortman roller feed measuring system, eliminating layout and wait time.

High Definition Plasma Cutting

Being equipped with a high-definition plasma source makes the V808M up to 10X faster than a regular oxy-fuel steel cutting machine. It is also possible to create nested lengths (DSTV+). VoortmanV808_Main

Layout Marking by Plasma

Layout marking is possible with the plasma process. The automatic gas console switches automatically over to argon gas for optimum layout marking results.