Services & Capabilities

Since 1946, SOS Steel has provided top-quality, cost effective and on time steel fabrication, erection and construction services to the Bay Area.  SOS Steel has concentrated on all types of projects involving structural steel and miscellaneous iron work.

As a licensed subcontractor with the state of California, and members of the rigorous AISC certification program, SOS dedicates itself to the highest level of performance. AISC Certification verifies that a fabricator has a quality-management system in place, implemented, and effective.

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of applications, such as:

  • structural steel buildings
  • architectural steel elements
  • stairway systems, handrails and railings
  • utility structures
  • custom steel structures


SOS uses in-house detailers managed by Frank Umayam as well outsourcing from a select group of industry-proven experts in the world of detailing. Our in-house detailers and outsourced companies all use the latest 3D Tekla modeling, allowing for integration into any established BIM process. Also, by using this state-of-the-art software, drawings can be immediately downloaded into the Voortman V808 for a mistake-free fabrication process.


SOS Steel utilizes a state of the 30,000 square foot shop and offers the latest in equipment technology. Using the Voortman V808, CNC files are directly imported, which ensures accurate placement of holes, cuts, layout marks, connection components etc. Once the parts reach fit-up, each piece of material has already fallen under the strict parameters of AISC for quality assurance.



SOS Steel performs all installation using crews from Local Ironworkers Union 377, which offers optimum benefits for contractors looking for certified work from start to finish.

Design Assist

As an AISC Certified fabricator, SOS Steel can provide design assist on any project. This will translate into the highest level for accuracy and quality.